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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Unveils New Mobile App with Enhanced Customer Focus, New Turn-by-Turn Navigation

New DFW Mobile App transforms travel for DFW customers

DFW AIRPORT, Texas, Nov. 20, 2015 -- Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport has unveiled an all new version of the Official DFW Airport Mobile App that will transform travel for DFW customers by providing live turn-by-turn directions to any location across the Airport's five terminals. The DFW Airport Mobile App also enhances the customer experience by guiding users quickly and easily to the Airport information they need such as flight information, parking and services, and by placing that information within easy access.

"Approximately 90% of DFW passengers are carrying smartphones and are increasingly engaging with us through mobile devices and requesting immediate information, and the new DFW Airport Mobile App delivers answers right to them with a sleek interactive user interface," said Sean Donohue, chief executive officer of DFW Airport. "The Mobile App allows us to provide customers any information they want in real-time, tailored to each person's particular journey through our Airport. This is another way we are leveraging technology to create a passenger experience that is warm, welcoming and efficient." 

The Mobile App's compelling new turn-by-turn navigation feature gives Airport customers real-time directions on how to get to specific places such as restaurants and shops, and guides them on their way to the desired location. The navigation functionality and its interactive map can be easily accessed and includes search capabilities to allow customers to find places they specifically want or explore locations whether nearby or across the Airport.

Other new features in the DFW Airport Mobile App include:

  • Viewing flight information on an enhanced flight dashboard
  • Staying informed with live airline flight information updates
  • The latest weather forecasts for DFW and for destination cities
  • Search capability for over 200 shops, dining options, services at DFW
  • Explore what's within five minutes from any DFW gate
  • Within the map, view DFW information, menus, and photos on points of interests
  • Overview of DFW's Parking products with rates and availability

Developed by DFW Airport together with Amsterdam-based airport app specialist M2mobi, the robust new DFW Airport Mobile App is designed to reduce the stress of the traveler. This is accomplished by focusing on the traveler's basic needs through the intuitive wayfinding functionalities, interactive maps, personalized flight information, and simple yet powerful search capabilities.

"We congratulate DFW with the release of their mobile app. This is a first step in our partnership towards delivering a seamless and delightful passenger experience," said Michiel Munneke, chief executive officer of M2Mobi. "It has been great to work together with such an ambitious organization as DFW and we look forward to continuously improve the airport journey by listening to the passengers needs and connecting more services."

The DFW Airport Mobile App is available in English and Spanish and plans are already in place to continuously improve the app, with M2mobi releasing regular updates and responding to customer feedback. M2Mobi has previously created apps for Schiphol, Paris and Dubai airports.

The Official DFW Airport Mobile App is part of a growing portfolio of advanced technology products and services provided by DFW Airport, designed to:

  • Create a better travel experience by helping them find a parking spot quicker and easier with DFW's Parking Guidance System in the Terminal D and Terminal A parking garages.
  • Transition international travelers more quickly through Customs with DFW's Automated Passport Control system. Over 70% of customers use the automated kiosks to process through Customs in under 15 minutes.
  • Provide clear and easy directions with DFW's patented Wayfinding touchscreen displays deployed throughout the terminals, allowing customers to easily find their way to Airport restaurants, shops, amenities and services.
  • Make their time in the Airport more productive and enjoyable through DFW's fast and free AT&T Wi-Fi, which is available throughout all five terminals.

The Official DFW Airport Mobile App is available as a free download for Apple iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play Store) mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.