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DFW Airport Launches Year-Long Runway Safety Campaign For Entire Airport Community

"I Brake For Runways" Designed To Increase Awareness, Minimize Incursions

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (Apr. 5, 2004) – Coming soon to DFW Airport, bumper stickers that will make you think twice: "I Brake for Runways." In this case, the sticker may be on a construction vehicle or fire truck. And it can be a life-saving message.

Building on its impressive safety record and national reputation for airfield operations, DFW today announced a year-long campaign to increase awareness of safety rules among 35,000 daily employees at the world's third busiest Airport. "I Brake for Runways" is designed to be a comprehensive, daily initiative that supports training, ongoing and planned programs and activities to achieve the Airport's shared vision of safer runways.

DFW is partnering with the entire Airport aviation community, ranging from airlines to flight training centers, pilots to FAA air traffic controllers and DFW airfield employees to improve international efforts to reduce runway incursions.

In fact, DFW sees this innovative program as useful for every airfield in the world.

"Safety is the most important mission of our Airport every day, and the size and speed of our operations mandates that every employee be vigilant," says Jim Crites, executive vice president of operations at DFW. "In this business, seconds do count. We believe this initiative will make us an even better, safer place for our passengers and our airlines."

The "I Brake for Runways" campaign will be managed by DFW Airport’s Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT), which is co-sponsored by the FAA Regional Runway Safety office. The RSAT regularly meets with Airport users to discuss cause and effects of runway incursions and carries forward recommendations designed to enhance the landscape of runway safety to the DFW aviation community.

DFW has enjoyed a tremendous track record with federal regulators who govern aviation safety. The Airport works closely with the FAA to maximize efficiency of aircraft using the airfield, while prioritizing nonaviation activities such as maintenance and construction to assure safe and efficient movement of aircraft. DFW has not experienced a serious category incursion since August 2001, more than 200 million flights later. In 2002, DFW won the FAA's Southwest Region Safety Award for its industry-leading efforts to operate a safe airfield. Airports around the world have adopted a number of DFW Airport’s safety training and operations regulations.

"Our Airport's complexity of seven runways and taxiway areas means nearly 1,800 runway crossings per day," says Allen Parra, vice president of operations at DFW. "While we're proud of the recognition we've received from the FAA, we can all do more to make sure every one of those crossings is safe and efficient. That's what this program is all about."

However, the campaign is more than clever bumper stickers. Signage on dashboards, in control towers and on the flight line will reinforce the message, and literature and safety tips will be distributed to all DFW air carriers, general aviation pilots and government agencies. Ground crews and Airport employees will receive updated information on navigating the Airport's roads near runways. And targeted training materials are being developed to update information on DFW's runways and operations.

"Runway incursions are created by human error, so they are hard to eliminate," says Rick Paddock, manager of airfield operations at DFW and spearheading the safety campaign. "Understanding and mitigating the causes of incursions reduces the opportunity for the error and has a positive influence on the quality of our performance and the safety of the traveling public."

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