09:39 AM

DFW Airport Media Statement - Suspicious Vehicle Investigation

The DFW Airport Department of Public Safety (DPS), together with its federal security partners, has completed an investigation involving a suspicious vehicle that was parked at Terminal B on the upper level roadwaynear gate B-38.
DPS officers discovered the vehicle about 2:00 P.M. Central time on Sunday.  
The vehicle in question was a large rented box truck, with a stunt vehicle on a trailer hitched to the truck. The truck driver had pulled up near the location where area volunteers greet the daily arrival of U.S. troops from the Middle East, as they come home for Rest and Recuperation.
DFW DPS responded with its Bomb Squad, canine units, Mobile Command Post and other assets after an automatic rifle and a pistol were discovered on board the truck.
The driver of the vehicle was questioned by federal authorities, and was not found to pose a threat and subsequently released. The weapons found in the truck were determined to be legally registered and properly documented.
No charges will be filed in the case.
There was no impact to flight operations at DFW, either in the form of flight delays or cancellations.  There was no impact on any sterile areas of Terminal B, and no impact to any of DFW's other four passenger terminals.
The investigation resulted in a two-hour closure of the roadways leading to the northernmost section of Terminal B, and DPS agents set up a perimeter in the parking lot and roadway as a precaution.
DFW Airport has returned to normal operations at this hour.