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DFW Airport News Briefs – June 2013

DFW Airport Enlarges Terminal E Security Checkpoint to Accommodate More Passengers Aboard Low-Cost Carriers
The Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport Board has agreed to spend $222 thousand dollars to expand the security checkpoint at Terminal E33.
The area has been enlarged to make room for three new security lanes in addition to the three lanes already in place. The expanded capacity for passenger check-in will help accommodate the dramatic increase in passenger traffic, resulting in more ease and convenience for travelers, especially during peak hours. Over the last year, passenger traffic aboard low cost carriers has increased 42.6% as low-cost airlines have expanded their service significantly at DFW Airport. “This expansion reflects the vitality and opportunity for any carrier at DFW Airport to expand, and the traveling public has responded positively to their offerings,” said Vice President of Air Service Luis E. Perez.

New Kiosks To Reduce Passenger Wait Times at Customs and Border Protection
The DFW Airport Board also approved a three-year contract for thirty-two new Automated Passport Control System kiosks to be used by US citizens arriving at DFW aboard international flights. The kiosks will reduce passenger wait times by decreasing the time required to process each traveler. Unlike the CBP Global Entry Program, the Automated Passport Control System does not require guests to pre-register with CBP. The automated kiosks will help streamline the CBP process, shortening lines and increasing passenger satisfaction. DFW Airport is one of the first airports in the country to introduce the new Automated Passport Control System. The Board approved a contract totaling $188 thousand for the hardware, and DFW Airport’s Information Technology Services team will develop the software. The new system is expected to launch in November.

Expanding Access to Customs for International Travelers 
With DFW Airport continuing to experience the fastest growth for international air service in its history, the DFW Airport Board has also agreed to build a federal inspections services corridor to allow for international passenger arrivals at Terminal B aboard American Eagle. The new FIS corridor will lead directly to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in DFW Airport’s adjacent Terminal D. The corridor currently connecting Terminal D and Terminal B will be widened, a second floor will be added and a new elevator built in. The nearly $223 thousand dollar construction project is expected to continue through the summer. The new FIS corridor is scheduled to open in October.

(re)defining DFW International Airport

DFW International Airport’s $2.3 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) is (re)defining first class for this global gateway. For the latest details regarding TRIP, log on to www.dfwairport.com/redefine.