08:48 AM

DFW Airport Putting its Commitment to DE&I Into Action

DFW AIRPORT, Texas — March 1, 2021 — Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and is backing that commitment with a comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Strategy kicking off this month.

This defined DE&I Strategy – with the full support of Airport leadership – aligns with organization-wide beliefs that inspire positive actions, encourages supportive behaviors and lifts everyone as they strive to achieve ambitious and important results. The goal is to raise awareness, provide the necessary resources and tools for employees to fully engage at work, and serve customers with cultural awareness and sensitivity.

“As DFW Airport looks to its future – beyond today’s challenges and on to tomorrow’s successes – we know that it’s the diverse, talented, incredible team that differentiates us from other airports” said Linda Valdez Thompson, the Executive Vice President of Administration, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at DFW Airport. “As an organization, we are blessed with unique individuals, and that singular and collective exceptionality is what makes us strong. Each team member adds to a palette of talent, experience and perspective that paints a broad and inclusive picture. It is that diversity and that opportunity for everyone to shine and grow that drives the innovation and effort that continues to help DFW Airport soar.”

Throughout the year, as part of the DE&I Strategy, narratives focused on the history, experience, achievements and societal impact of diverse groups will be presented in the “DE&I Matters” campaign, which aims to educate, explore and empower. The campaign will:

  • Educate on key topics that will increase cultural awareness and broaden understanding
  • Explore additional resources that go deeper on the topic and allow employees to share personal experiences
  • Empower employees with steps they can take to creating a more inclusive culture

The “Matters” campaign debuts this month with a look at both what is DE&I and why it matters – at the Airport, in our lives and in the community – and will follow with a monthly theme through November with a diverse and inclusive lineup of topics.

Thanks to a real commitment from leadership, as well as internal and external partners, DFW Airport’s DE&I journey has spanned more than 20 years. The Airport has long invested in initiatives that foster a culture of learning, listening, and being an advocate. It ensures the Airport provides an exceptional employee and customer experience, positively impacts business performance, supports community engagement and, overall, reflects the Airport’s ethics and beliefs.