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DFW Helps Get Medical Aid to Brazil, India

DFW AIRPORT, Texas – May 26, 2021 – ​​The U.S. has shown it is recovering from the pandemic since vaccines have become available, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Other countries, however, are still deep in the battle against COVID-19. DFW is a link in the humanitarian aid supply chain, serving as a critical bridge to other parts of the world for the community and our cargo partners that deliver medicines and equipment.

Vaccines to Brazil

DFW hosted an Antonov freighter flight last week – a flight chartered by the CDC with the purpose of delivering medicines. The Russian-built aircraft carrying vaccines stopped at DFW en route to Brazil. The Antonov is one of the heaviest-lift aircraft in the world and left DFW with a total payload of 99 metric tons.

Ventilators and Medical Supplies to India

Two Texas organizations, including the U.S. India Chamber of Commerce DFW, partnered with its national nonprofit foundation, last month, to ship 50 ventilators and other medical supplies to India to help the country fight its second wave of COVID-19. DFW Airport joined logistics, airlines and others partners to get the ventilators and medical supplies where they needed to go. Read the full story here​.

These partnerships are a testament to DFW’s commitment to the community.