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DFW International Airport and Area North Texas Airports Open and Receiving Super Bowl XLV Visitors

Airports prepared for influx of football fans, corporate aircraft and added flights

DFW AIRPORT, Texas (February 4, 2011) — DFW International Airport and the majority of the 15 North Texas regional airports are open and continue to welcome air traffic today, in spite of a winter snowfall which left more than four inches of snow on the ground in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. DFW Airport’s four major runways have remained open continuously today, one of the busiest days for Super Bowl XLV fans arriving for the game.
Weather in the area has improved, and the prospect for a full schedule of airline arrivals and departures remains in place for tonight and the remainder of Super Bowl weekend. While airlines at DFW have cancelled about 300 departures today as a result of the winter weather system moving across the country, DFW and the other airports in the region still have the capacity to handle all arriving flights to the region.
“Our regional Aviation Action Team is in full gear and collaboration mode with this week’s weather events,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport and chair of the Aviation Action Team. “The Airports in the region may have varying capacities due to weather impacts, but there is ample regional capacity to handle any and all arriving flights.”
The North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee’s Aviation Action Team, comprised of 15 regional airports and heliports along with airlines and federal partners from the FAA and Homeland Security, has been coordinating all of the North Texas regional aviation assets in preparation for the game.
In addition to DFW’s ability to handle commercial airline traffic, charters and private aircraft, any of the North Texas airports in the region have the capacity to handle all requirements for charter and private jet traffic coming to the region.
“It's the goal of the Super Bowl Aviation Action Team Committee to ensure flights can get in and out of the region, and the airports comprising the team have enacted their plan to make that happen,” said Fegan.