09:54 AM

DFW International Airport Board of Directors Goes Green

Announcement Regarding Distribution of DFW Board Meeting Documents

DFW International Airport's Board of Directors are continuing to set the pace for going "green." In the Airport's continued move to reduce paper consumption, DFW Board meeting agendas and Official Board Actions (OBAs) have been available online for the public for more than one year, and are regularly posted the Friday before each Board Meeting.

Beginning with the July 2011 Board meeting, only meeting agendas will be printed for distribution. OBAs and their supporting information will continue to be readily accessible through the Airport web site at www.dfwairport.com/apps/board/v1/index.php.

For those wishing to electronically access Board agendas and OBAs while in the Board Room and throughout the DFW Airport Administration Building, free Wi-Fi access is also available. To connect to DFW's network from your wireless device, click on the DFWGuest link when choosing your network.

Should you have any questions about electronically accessing DFW Board meeting documents, please contact Board Secretary Donna Schnell at 972-973-5752 or dschnell@dfwairport.com.