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DFW International Airport: CEO Jeff Fegan's Comments Regarding $104m Commitment From TSA/ Homeland Security Today

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (July 7, 2003) — Thank you all very much for being here at DFW today.

Senator Hutchison, Congressman Burgess, Mayor Moncrief, Chairman Wells, Mr. Shaw, all of our honored guests, welcome.

This is indeed a historic day for our Airport, a day that is a long time coming.

DFW was one of the first Airports after September 11 to study how best to screen all checked baggage going through our facility some 55,000 bags every day.

Working very closely with government and industry experts, we quickly determined that an INLINE baggage screening system would be the BEST for DFW and the best for our passengers, capable of delivering top security and great customer service.

Today, with this $104 million commitment, DFW can now complete the construction of an inline system across all four of our busy international terminals.

The system will allow the TSA to screen all checked bags behind the scenes, a big help in the security process and an easy way for our travelers to check luggage – they simply have their bag tagged at the airline counter, and it greets them at their final destination.

It is a long-term solution that will benefit all of our 53 million annual passengers - a number we think will begin to grow again as the economy picks up.

I would like to thank the leadership and determination of our entire North Texas Congressional Delegation for their efforts in securing this funding for DFW. 

The delegation has shown incredible commitment and vision on transportation and security issues since September 11.

We thank you, Senator Hutchison, for your outstanding leadership on the Aviation Subcommittee, for not only being an expert on DFW, but an expert and visionary on transportation issues and airports around the country.

Without your assistance and direct intervention, we truly believe we would not be standing here today.

Today we truly want you and the rest of the traveling public to understand how indebted we all are to you for continued and unwavering commitment to DFW and the national aviation system as a whole.

We also want to thank Senator Cornyn as well.

We also thank you, Congressman Burgess, and your North Texas colleagues on the House side for your understanding and recognition of DFW as the economic engine for this entire region.

We should also thank Representative Kay Granger of Fort Worth, and Majority leader Dick Armey, who demonstrated tremendous leadership and courage during the early stages of the security funding legislation, speaking passionately on the House floor on behalf of DFW.

We also recognize Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson and Representative Martin Frost for their commitment to DFW and North Texas during those critical votes.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mayors of our two Owner Cities, Mayor Mike Moncrief of Fort Worth and Mayor Laura Miller of Dallas, as well as the Chairman of the DFW Airport Board, Max Wells, for their vision and leadership in this critical area of our business.

The events of September 11 changed the airline and airport industry forever.

Since 9/11, DFW has done more than any other Airport in terms of airport security, well above many new federal mandates, all for the safety and security of our travelers.

Today's announcement will benefit all who use DFW Airport. It will help our Airport be even more secure and customer friendly.

We look forward to working with the TSA here at DFW on this critical project.

And we are grateful to the TSA and Admiral James Loy for seeing this major commitment become reality.

We think this automated, efficient inline system will be a key to the future success of Airport.

Thank you all again for being here today.

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