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DFW International Airport Experiencing Chill of Winter; Travel Continues As Ice Storm Hits North Texas

Passengers asked to check www.dfwairport.com for updated conditions, flight information

January 27, 2009, 9:30 PM

DFW International Airport tonight is seeing more effects of the winter storm that has brought freezing rain and sleet to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Airport today and tonight saw a total of 185 flights cancelled due to weather conditions here in North Texas and around the nation. Every departing flight is undergoing de-icing treatment just prior to takeoff at the Airport’s multiple de-icing pads.

This evening, with temperatures plummeting below freezing and the sleet continuing to fall, delays have begun to expand, with airlines now reporting some of the final departures of the night will see departure delays of up to an hour.

The Airport has enacted its Concessions Plan until 1:00 AM, keeping restaurants and retail outlets open to provide services for affected passengers.

“We continue to work with our partners in aviation to ensure the safe departure and arrival of our flights,” said Ken Capps, DFW’s Vice President of Public Affairs. “Passengers having to spend the night at DFW will be treated well with concessions and security checkpoints open late; diapers and formula will be distributed to those in need and the lights will be dimmed to allow for some shuteye.”

At this hour, the Airport is reporting that icy patches are beginning to appear on the vehicle access roads around DFW. However, DFW’s Airfield Operations officers report that runways remain clear and operational. The runways have been treated by DFW Asset Management crews, and flights continue to depart and arrive.

The Airport’s Asset Management crews have once again treated the roads and overpasses around the Airport, and TxDOT crews continue to treat access highways leading to DFW.

DFW’s Customer Service and Ground Transportation teams are fully staffed and assisting passengers at this hour with various needs.


Ken Capps,

APR VP Public Affairs

DFW International Airport