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DFW International Airport Extends Outreach To Small And Emerging Contractors

Partnership With QUOIN Trains ‘How To Do Business At The Airport’; Airport Spending Surpasses $770m With Minority, Women-Owned Businesses

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (January 25, 2005) – Building on its reputation as a strong mentor to small and emerging businesses, DFW International Airport is hosting a Small Contractor Development program in partnership with QUOIN, A Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America. 

The program is designed to assist small contractors in understanding the basic elements of running a commercial construction business. The 10-week course focuses on both technical and administrative skills, as well as how specifically to do business with DFW International Airport and the University of North Texas.

“We’re proud to be working with QUOIN to assist small and minority companies become better businesses and win contracts at DFW. There are literally hundreds of success stories about companies that have used their experience here as a springboard for the future,” said Don O’Bannon, Vice President of DFW’s Small & Emerging Business Department.

“The Basics” begins January 25, 2005 and will run every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at QUOIN’s Dallas office at 11111 Stemmons Freeway (between Royal Lane and Walnut Hill Road). Small business owners interested in taking part can call Kristi Arnold at 214-647-0697.

 “This program provides valuable insight on creating successful business relationships with DFW and other organizations in North Texas. It is an important investment in the business community, not only for our Airport, but for the other agencies who have partnered with DFW and QUOIN,” O’Bannon said.

An economic impact study released in 2004 showed that through small and emerging businesses, DFW has created more than 9,000 local jobs and is responsible for an estimated $358 million in wages and salaries. The study also showed DFW’s commitment to small and emerging businesses is unprecedented in North Texas, with more than $770-million already paid to local minority- and women-owned businesses for their work on Airport expansion and infrastructure projects such as the new International Terminal D, the Skylink people mover and the Central Utilities Plant expansion project. MWBE firms account for over 30% of the work done on DFW’s $2.8 billion Capital Development Program.

Companies such as Dallas-based Azteca-Omega and Phillips/May have seen their businesses grow after working at DFW Airport. 

“Azteca has enjoyed a close working relationship with DFW Airport and its people since beginning work there in 1986,” said Luis Spinola, president of Azteca. “Azteca, years ago, was able to participate in the Small Contractors Training Program which not only educated Azteca in doing business at the airport but it also helped the company in developing procedures such as safety guidelines, quality control and performance. We consider DFW Airport as our mentor and look forward to a growing relationship in the future.”

"Working at DFW has made us a better company," said Chris Escobedo, Phillips/May contract manager. "Because of the high-profile project we're working on at DFW, we've been able to attract high quality staff because people want to be a part of it.” 

"The quality of our staff has increased and our knowledge of working on projects like this has grown. Working on a project like this has improved our management abilities with the daily reporting, project meetings and contractual obligations and requirements, everything that goes along with working on a highly regimented project," Escobedo said. “It is part of our vernacular now."

Phillips/May has worked on a variety of projects and is currently working on the signage program for DFW.

“DFW prides itself on working with small and emerging businesses and our Capital Development Program is a perfect example,” said Clay Paslay, Executive Vice President for Airport Development. “Many small and minority companies have had the opportunity to work on this project, which will position them for future successes.”

Sponsoring partners of the program are DFW International Airport, the University of North Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Development Council and QUOIN, A Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.