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DFW International Airport Gets “Smart” In New Parking Garage At International Terminal D

New Smart Parking Technology Will Help Passengers Park Quickly and Get to Their Flight; Airport Now Offers 39,988 Total Spaces

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (July 21, 2005) – Parking at International Terminal D, DFW’s newest terminal, will be quick and smart, with easy access from the parking garage to the terminal through air-conditioned walkways. Beginning this Saturday when International Terminal D opens, drivers will be assisted to their parking space with “Smart Parking” technology consisting of large digital displays informing them of how many spaces are available on each level of the eight-story garage. 

The new parking structure at Terminal D also adds 8100 spaces to the Airport’s parking portfolio, bringing the number of on-airport spaces to 39,988. The new spaces give DFW the largest on-site parking capacity of any airport in the world. 

“We believe this new garage will be an instant hit with passengers while giving us much needed new capacity to accommodate our parkers,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW. “Smart technology will allow parkers to solve the age-old problem of hunting for the right spot on the preferred levels. It will take minutes off the arrival time to the terminal.”  

And the new garage’s design will also help solve another parking problem – lost vehicles. Each level of the garage is marked with a Texas-native wildflower and a corresponding color scheme to help drivers remember where they parked. 

“We have placed special pull tags by each pedestrian exit for passengers to take with them and help solve this issue,” said Clay Paslay, Executive Vice President for Airport Development at DFW. “The tags are marked with the same wildflower picture and color as the garage levels so that passengers will be able to find their car easily after a long trip.”

Easy Parking

Drivers entering the Airport heading for International Terminal D will take the left exit off International Parkway and loop above the roadway, and will then have three options:

Departing Passengers/Parkers: For passengers departing from Terminal D, the driver will stay to their left and enter the parking garage at Level 5. If the drivers know their departure gate, they will have the option of going left for gates D1-D22 or right for gates D23-D40. Once inside, the smart technology will then direct them to a location with an available space. 

Once parked, passengers with luggage will proceed to one of five elevator banks or, on Levels 1 and 3, simply cross the roadway and enter the terminal. 

Passenger Pick-up: For drivers picking up passengers, the driver will stay in the middle lane of the Terminal D ramp and exit to the right, down to the Arrivals Level. Drivers will then be able to pick up their passenger curbside or park in the parking garage. There are two parking garage entrances on the Arrivals Level. 

Once drivers have picked up their passengers, they will be able to loop around the parking garage and have a choice to exit North or South.

Passenger Drop-off: To drop off passengers, drivers will stay to the far right lane of the Terminal D exit ramp and proceed onto the Departures level where they will be able to drop their passengers off at the curb, or enter the parking garage and park before unloading and continuing into the terminal

Vehicle exits are located on both the north and south ends of the parking garage on Level 1 and on Level 3.

From the Garage

“This may be one of the few airport parking garages that also offers a great view,” said Paslay. “I can see the new terminal of course, the new Grand Hyatt, the new Skylink train as well as the other four terminals and the skyline of Dallas.”

The garage boasts five air-conditioned elevator banks that lead passengers to three air-conditioned pedestrian sky bridges. Time to the gate gets even faster by hopping on one of 10 moving walkways across the bridges.

“I love what I see from the sky bridge,” said Joe Lopano, Executive Vice President of Marketing at DFW. “I check in and I can see where every airline is housed, I’ll have to go through security and I can see that, I can see the in-transit lounge across from me and the Skylink people mover just above that. There isn’t anything I can’t learn about International Terminal D just from looking around as I cross the sky bridge.” 

Valet parking in the garage is available from the Grand Hyatt Hotel. A curbside valet stand is available in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel entrance on the Arrivals Level.

Fast Facts About the Terminal D Parking Garage:

▪ 8,100 total parking spaces ▪ 7,100 covered parking spaces ▪ 755 two-hour parking spaces ▪ Integrated “Smart Parking” technology ▪ 8 levels, each with distinct Texas-native wildflower and color schemes ▪ 5 elevator banks ▪ 3 air conditioned sky bridges to Terminal D ▪ 1 air conditioned sky bridge to Terminal C ▪ 3 open-air bridges on Level 3 ▪ 14 elevators ▪ 10 moving walkways ▪ 5 vehicle entrances ▪ 4 vehicle exits

Wildflower / Color Schemes For Each Level of the Terminal D Parking Garage

Wildflower Leve l Color Evening Primrose LL 2 Pink Jack-in-the-Pulpit LL 1 Green Firewheel 1 Red Winecup 2 Purple Maxmillian Sunflower 3 Yellow Indian Paintbrush 4 Orange Bluebonnet 5 Blue Spiderwort 6 White