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DFW International Airport Hosts 3,000 Students In 2nd Annual Aviation And Transportation Career Expo

Leaders In Business And Government Encourage Aviation and Transportation Careers In One Of The Largest Educational Events Of The Year In North Texas

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (December 1, 2005) – It would take twelve Boeing 777s to hold the more than 3,000 Dallas-Fort Worth area students who will attend DFW International Airport’s 2005 Aviation & Transportation Career Expo – one of the largest educational events of the year in North Texas. Students will have the opportunity to learn about careers in the aviation and transportation field – from pilots to air traffic controllers. 

In DFW’s continued effort to provide a hands-on educational opportunity to area students, the Airport has harnessed many of this region’s aviation and transportation resources for the Expo. Students will have an opportunity to learn about a myriad of potential careers in aviation and transportation. 

“These powerful young creative minds will be driving our industry in just a few short years,” says Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW Airport. “We are pleased to provide the setting for these students to imagine themselves designing solutions to today’s transportation problems, flying a plane or fixing a locomotive.” 

Staged in one of American Airlines’ maintenance hangars at DFW, the Expo’s main draw includes static aircraft displays, vehicle displays, and hands-on demonstrations and exhibits. The Aviation and Transportation Career Expo also features representatives from industry, government and academic institutions, all available to answer questions and talk directly to students and teachers. DFW’s community outreach programs focuses primarily on aviation and education for North Texas. 

More than 35 agencies, companies and organizations including the Texas Department of Transportation, General Motors and Lockheed Martin provided the displays of static aircraft and vehicles, as well as informational materials for the student attendees. 

Students will experience interactive demonstrations on travel and home safety. In addition there will be goodie bags with gift items and information on aviation, aerospace and ground transportation. Students will be able to go inside an airplane, see vintage aircraft and racecars from the Texas Motor Speedway and many other exhibits and displays. There will also be door prizes for teachers. 

Participating companies and organizations at the Expo include: DFW International Airport, AeroVents.com, Air BP, American Airlines, American Eagle, Burlington Northern Sante Fe, the City of Dallas – Aviation Department, the Civil Air Patrol, DART, FAA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FFE Transportation, Fort Worth Transportation Authority “The T”, General Motors – South Central Region, the Houston Airport System, Howell Instruments, Lockheed Martin, Metro Empowerment, Mountain View College Aviation Club, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Academy of Railroad Sciences, Ninety-Niners – Fort Worth Chapter, Parsons, Peterbilt Motor Company, ProSof Inc., Tarrant County College – Northwest Campus, Texas Air National Guard, Texas Motor Speedway, Texas Pneumatic Systems, UPS, URS Corporation, UTA – Department of Physics, Vintage Flying Museum, Weber Aircraft, Women in Aviation – DFW. Radio Disney, KMKI AM 620, provided music and entertainment for the day’s events.