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DFW International Airport Opens Advanced New Parking Facility for Terminal A

High-tech and intuitive new parking guidance system will quickly guide passengers to available parking spaces

DFW International Airport today revealed the first completed phase of its all-new Terminal A Parking facility, which now offers customers a dramatically-upgraded parking experience and a host of new conveniences. The 2.9 million-square-foot structure is a key component of the Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP), the seven-year $2.3 billion program which will renew DFW’s four original terminals which date to 1974.

Inside the new parking facility, drivers will be assisted to an available parking space by a new and intuitive guidance system consisting of easily visible availability lights informing them which spaces are open on each level of the five-story structure. Green lights mark unoccupied spaces, blue lights mark spaces available for handicapped drivers, and red lights tell the driver which spaces are filled.

“We believe this new parking facility will be an instant hit with passengers while giving us much needed new capacity to accommodate our parking customers,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW Airport. “The structure will have great improvements, while solving the age-old problem of finding a space quickly and easily.”

The new structure will ultimately add 7,793 spaces to the Airport’s parking portfolio when it is complete, bringing the number of on-airport spaces to 42,000. It also will have more capacity than the existing on-Airport parking facilities when completed, making it one of the largest parking structures in Texas.

“Our new parking facility for Terminal A was designed with customer convenience and accessibility in mind,” said Ken Buchanan, Executive Vice President of Revenue Management for DFW. “It offers energy-efficient lighting, state-of-the-art technology and way-finding, as well as dramatic enhancements in customer service.”

Key features in the new Terminal A Parking facility include:
• Over 3 million square feet and five levels of parking space
• Enhanced terminal entries including covered walkways 
• An electronic parking guidance system to help customers easily find an open space
• A more brightly lit parking environment
• Higher clearances to accommodate ADA accessible vehicles
• Vertical accessibility and ADA compliance via new passenger elevators
• Innovative new roadway design which reduces the need for lane changes and separates arrivals traffic from departures traffic
• Spiraled helix roads for easier access to all five parking levels
• A pedestrian bridge from infield parking to the parking structure

DFW Airport’s web site, mobile web site, the official DFW mobile app and the Valet Parking app, all will include information and up-to-the-minute space availability reports about the new Terminal A parking structure.

The first phase of the Terminal A Parking facility was completed in step with the Phase 1 of the renovation work on Terminal A. All three phases of work on Terminal A and the Terminal A Parking structure should be complete in late 2014, and the entire TRIP project to renovate Terminals A, B, C and E is planned for completion sometime in 2017.

The new Terminal A Parking facility will be the largest new structure built at DFW since Terminal D and Skylink opened in 2005.

(re)defining DFW International Airport

DFW International Airport’s $2.3 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) is (re)defining first class for this global gateway. For the latest details regarding TRIP, log on to www.dfwairport.com/redefine.