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DFW International Airport Opposes Irving Zoning Proposal That Could Place Homes Near Active Runways

Proposed Housing Development Viewed As Incompatible with Existing Airport Operations

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport is voicing its opposition to a requested zoning change in the City of Irving, which would allow a developer to build approximately 670 homes immediately adjacent to two active DFW runways. The proposal applies to a tract of land bordered by Highway 114, Belt Line Road, Cabell Road and Esters Boulevard. The Airport opposes the measure due to incompatible land use with 24-hour aircraft operations and severe noise issues anticipated for homeowners.

The proposal would require changing the current zoning classification from “Airport Industrial” to “Residential” for the 163-acre tract.

“Normal DFW flight operations would expose residents of the proposed development to high volumes of noise and other impacts,” said Sandy Lancaster, DFW’s assistant vice president for environmental affairs. “It’s not unusual for this area to have as many as 150 daily arrivals within 550 feet of the tract. These aircraft are in their final approach and flying as low as 200 feet above the ground.”

In addition to noise from arriving flights, the entire development would be subject to frequent ground-related airport noise such as the reverse thrust of engines, taxiing, engine run-ups for maintenance, as well as jet exhaust and odor.

“The existing Industrial zoning designation makes sense given the area’s commercial makeup, the heavy truck traffic related to local businesses, and the proximity of aircraft operations,” said Ms. Lancaster.

As a federal grant recipient, DFW is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to protect its arrival and departure corridors from incompatible land uses, which includes housing developments within close proximity of flight operations.

DFW shared its concerns with the Irving Planning and Zoning Commission at its July 15 meeting. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted not to recommend approval.

DFW will testify again in opposition of the proposed development when it is brought before the Irving City Council at its September 5 meeting.

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