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DFW International Airport Plans “Texas Day” Celebration To Introduce North Texans To International Terminal D

Free Admission, Parking – Tickets Available Across North Texas and Online at www.dfwairport.com

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (June 14, 2005) — Celebrating the international diversity of North Texas and giving the public a sneak peek of International Terminal D, DFW International Airport will hold “Texas Day” on Saturday, June 25, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The day-long party will feature a diverse group of entertainers representing the rich cultures of Dallas and Fort Worth, walking tours of the 2-million square foot terminal, and the opportunity to meet with local artists whose works will be on display to millions of international visitors. Local community and travel organizations will be on hand to discuss travel and tourism opportunities for North Texans and Pepsi will offer free samplings of its newest soft drinks.

Admission and parking for the event are free; tickets will be required for entry and to assure smooth flow of visitors and traffic into DFW. Tickets may be downloaded at www.dfwairport.com for specific time slots to tour the largest, most secure international airline terminal built post 9/11. Pepsi will also be distributing complimentary tickets at a variety of community events and radio station remotes for KBFB-FM / 97.9 The Beat.

“This new international terminal belongs to the citizens of North Texas and is a community investment that will serve this region well for decades to come,” says Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport. “International Terminal D meets the needs of North Texas and our need to expand to attract more international business and tourism. We want everyone to see it and enjoy it before the traveling public. It is certainly a testament to the can-do spirit of Texas and the thousands who worked on it to assure it opens on time and on budget.”

Texas Day will also feature the debut of the Airport’s new 8,100-space parking garage designed with “smart technology.” The high-tech garage, immediately across from the new international terminal continues the tradition of close-in parking for DFW passengers. Despite the garage’s size, travelers will have easy access to the terminal via cooled and/or heated elevator lobbies, corridors with moving walkways and escalators. The smart-technology feature allows drivers to cruise directly to available parking without randomly looking for a space.

“Keeping the public informed and educated in the growth of DFW for the good of all our citizens is a very important mission before International Terminal D opens for business,” says Ken Capps, vice president of public affairs at DFW. “Our employees are very proud of what they are contributing to the future of North Texas and to our economy. We want this open house to be entertaining and enlightening and everyone is working to make it a great day here.” 

DFW anticipates between 35,000 and 45,000 will attend the festivities. One ticket is needed per vehicle, and the ticket will serve as the guests’ free parking voucher when leaving the Airport. 

“This is the largest event the Airport has held since its opening in 1974 and we are working hard to assure that parking and all guest needs are addressed,” says Byford Treanor, vice president of customer service at DFW. “It will definitely be a challenge to move this large amount of people through the Airport as well as keep our other four terminals accessible for our passengers, so we’re asking that everyone please have a free ticket and watch the signs on our roadways to get in and out as efficiently as possible.”

Guests are also advised to leave all banned items at home or in their car. Guests will not be required to pass through security at International Terminal D, since the terminal is not yet accessible for flights, but the Airport will have extra police officers and security services in place to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable.

DFW’s entire Capital Development Program, which includes International Terminal D and the new Skylink airport train, is expected to create 77,000 new jobs during the next 15 years and generate an additional $34 billion in economic impact on the North Texas economy.

International Terminal D highlights:

• 2 million square feet • 28 gates • Located on 29 acres • 100,000 square feet of concessions space • Ceilings as high as 70 feet • 99 ticketing positions • Arrivals canopy • More than 30 works of art by local, national and international artists

International Terminal D By The Numbers

2,000: Passengers that can be ticketed per hour at Terminal D 2,500: People that can be screened through security per hour 2,800: International passengers that can be processed through Customs per hour 37,000: Total passengers International Terminal D can handle per day 12.8 million: Total passengers International Terminal D can handle per year 30,000: Pieces of luggage that can be processed per day 4: Number of American Airlines Centers that can fit in Terminal D’s footprint 3: Number of Texas Stadiums that could fit in the footprint of Terminal D and its Parking Garage 21: Number of NCAA/NBA basketball courts that can fit inside Terminal D 37,000: Square footage of Terminal D’s stainless steel roof, one of the largest stainless steel surfaces in the world 1.84 billion: Pounds of concrete used in International Terminal D (enough to build a typical sidewalk from DFW to Montreal, a distance of 1,742-miles) $1.7 billion: Total cost of building Terminal D, Grand Hyatt and parking garage $30.5 million: Average monthly cash flow during construction $98 million: Amount spent during October 2002, the peak month for International Terminal D expenditures $47 million: Money spent on security upgrades post 9/11 10-million: Man-hours spent on construction of Terminal D complex 53: Number of Architectural/Engineering Firms on Project 120: Number of Construction Firms on Project 12,000: Number of people who worked on the projec