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DFW International Airport Suspects Malfunctioning Fire Door Triggered This Morning's Checkpoint Closures

No Security Breach Found - Travelers Cautioned To Be Attentive To Emergency Exits

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (February 12, 2003) – DFW Department of Public Safety officers and officials with the TSA believe a malfunctioning fire door in Terminal C caused this morning's security incident that prompted checkpoints to be closed for about an hour. 

No security breach was found; however, law enforcement officers closed checkpoints and swept secure areas of Terminals A, B and C as a precaution. Approximately 37 flights were delayed as a result of closure. 

"We will continue to work with the TSA to investigate anything we think may be suspicious or a possible security issue," says Alvy Dodson, vice president of public safety at DFW. "We also encourage the public to report anything they see that looks out the ordinary. We won't mind at all. That's our job."

DFW is asking passengers today to be attentive to emergency exits and use only designated exits from the gate area to the public side of the terminal. Signs on those exits alert passengers that an alarm will sound if the door is opened. 

A simple accident could trigger unnecessary terminal closures and inconveniences for passengers. However, if officers find someone deliberately opened an emergency exit, they could face criminal penalties. 

"A fire exit is used for emergencies only, period," says Dodson. "That was true prior to the heightened security measures. Now, it's even more important as we strive to keep our passengers moving quickly to their destinations while keeping security tight."

Meanwhile, all "Level Orange" security measures remain in effect at DFW today. DFW's Toll Plaza inspections continue to go smoothly and all DFW parking garages remain open.

Located halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW International Airport is the world's third busiest, offering nearly 2,000 flights per day and serving 55 million passengers a year. DFW International Airport provides non-stop service to 132 domestic and 31 international destinations worldwide.

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