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DFW International Airport Targets Entrepreneurs With First-Of-Its-Kind Small Business Auction

Office-in-a-Box lets Savvy Buyers Launch New Careers

DFW International Airport’s Capital Development Department (CDP) will hold a first-of-its-kind online auction geared toward small, new and minority entrepreneurs looking to launch a business. The three-week auction is slated to begin Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 2005 and closes on June 14, 2005. 

This unique auction features smaller lots and “Office-in-a Box” groupings, allowing people with small budgets and big ideas to start up their dream company. While no two are alike, the Office–in-a-Box lots typically feature a desk, chairs, desktop computer and telephones. Many of the office sets might also include a printer, fax, scanner, bookcase, file cabinets, shelving and table. These offices include everything from the carpet up, including basic office supplies and everything needed to furnish a one- or two-person office.  

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. This is one way that DFW International Airport officials say they can pay back the small business community which has done so much to build the Airport. With this auction, a savvy professional can launch a new career and business with the click of a finger on the Internet at www.renebates.com

Traditionally, auction lots are very large collections of equipment, such as 100 telephones, and the small business entrepreneur cannot take advantage of the public auction. With the new format of the DFW CDP Auction, people can buy lots and start the business they’ve always dreamed about. 

DFW has had several successful large-scale auctions through its procurement department over the past year. This auction, which is coordinated through the Capital Development Program, is different because of its focus on smaller-sized lots targeting small entrepreneurs. Small businesses were heavily involved in the construction of the new Skylink Automated People Mover System, which opened May 21, and International Terminal D, which will open July 6. 

Items from the DFW CDP Small Business Auction can be viewed at www.renebates.com. More than 384 lots and over 7,300 items will be offered via the online auction. While auction items range from new to used, all items are sold “as is” and there are no guarantees, warranties or refunds.

 Partial Listing of Auction Lots

Double and single-wide mobile offices, portable office, street sweeper, portable restroom trailers (chose from units on trailers or skids), shuttle busses, utility trailers, water buffalo trailer, furnished offices (chose from executive, administrative, engineering, design, estimating, finance, home or student), furnished plan rooms, office furniture groups, misc. furniture, kitchen groups, break room sets, ice machines, televisions, cameras and video equipment, badging equipment system, computer equipment, typewriters, I.T. equipment, cubical furniture components, cubical furniture assembled, building entrance equipment, push cart, air compressors, portable light plants with generators, Panasonic security cameras system, underground camera system, Firetrol electric fire pump controller with breakers transfer and disconnect, fire rescue equipment, fire hose, Knaack gang tool boxes, Meyer hydraulic built 2000 # capacity lift/jack, Wright self dumping hopper, 15-ton stabilizing bar, spreaders and chokers, fuel tanks, interior building supplies and materials, concrete tools/accessories/materials/forms and equipment, jumping jacks, scaffolding, outdoor lighting, sewage pipe, steel road covers, water pumping systems, water meters, sump pumps, warehouse lighting, temporary lighting, temporary fence panels, fence materials, silt fencing, concrete traffic barriers with/without fence, personal safety equipment, traffic control safety equipment, heavy lifting accessories, road safety equipment, stone soil compactor, power and hand tools, transformers, electrical equipment, HVAC equipment, fans, heaters, transformers, electrical boxes, spider boxes with cable, temporary electrical panels, fuel shutdown system equipment, building materials, steel chain, extension cords, glass, lighting fixtures, light poles, 30’ light pole sets, door hardware, louvered doors, fire extinguishers, steel grate, diamond plate steel, aluminum door framing materials, signage steel, signs, steel pipe, ice makers, construction signage, “Silver Shield” pickup truck cover and tool boxes, generators, power washers, welding accessories, vacuums and accessories, indoor heaters, oil fired heaters, steel locker sets, file room shelves, copy machines, life line equipment, nylon strapping janitorial equipment and materials, sealants and caulk, ladders, laminated wall board, semi-trailer dolly and forks for forklift.