06:08 AM

DFW International Airport’s Fifth On-Line Auction Nets Over $320,000

Internet strategy brings new non-aviation revenue – last Air Train car and equipment bid adieu to Airport

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (May 8, 2006) DFW International Airport tallied the results of its fifth on-line auction that ended last week, and the result is an impressive $320,000, pushing the all-time total sales of surplus airport equipment to more than $2 million. The last Air Train car – reduced to spare parts – sold for more than $400. Its electrical relay system was the top seller at more than $24,000. 

Shuttle vans and dump trucks were also top sellers as DFW cleared out surplus items and bidders found good value in the on-line bidding process. 

“Through the Internet we are reaching buyers around the world and saving DFW the time and expense associated with a traditional live auction,” says John Wesley White, vice president of procurement & materials management for DFW. "We have definitely found this is the smart way for DFW to reduce its surplus and produce additional nonairline revenue. And the bidders tell us the auction is easy to participate in and track during the bidding period. We will certainly continue to make on-line auctions an integral part of our business strategy.” 

In the Airport’s fourth on-line auction, the majority of the cars and equipment that were part of DFW’s 31-year old Air Train system sold to the highest bidders. That system has now been replaced with Skylink – the world’s largest airport train. Several cars of the former system are also being preserved for museum and aviation displays.