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DFW Tests "Level Orange” Security - Parking Plan

Remarks Of Alvy Dodson, Vice President, Public Safety

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (January 23, 2003) – We believe that DFW is the first airport in the country to field test this new parking plan that will make sure DFW is providing tight security and good customer service for its passengers if and when our country goes to "level orange."

It's also extremely important that the public be informed in advance of these new procedures, because they could literally go in to effect overnight - at any time. 

Our DPS officers have been working very hard with numerous other departments at DFW - from customer service to planning to procurement - to make sure the plan is as simple and seamless as possible for our parkers. 

And of course, we've been working very closely with our TSA Federal Security Director to make sure the plan addresses all aspects of security. DFW is a big place, and it's a big undertaking.

Our mission will be to provide visual inspections and random searches of each and every vehicle that wants to park in a terminal garage or pull up to the curb for any reason.

Because of the security sensitive nature of this job, we will not be discussing our protocols or procedures.

But rest assured that we know what we are looking for, and we think we have a well thought out and comprehensive plan that will meet the requirements with as little inconvenience as possible to DFW Airport customers. 

Today's test at Terminal B will study traffic flow, the inspection process, and how we can get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimal impact.

We picked this terminal and this time because it is one of the heaviest traffic periods of the entire week. 

What we learn today will help us to analyze our plan under real conditions, make adjustments as appropriate and implement a plan that is workable at all four terminals.

We would also like to take this opportunity today to ask the traveling public and our loyal parkers to be patient during this process, if and when we do go to a "condition orange.” This added security is for their safety.  

And if someone coming to the Airport does not want to have the their vehicle inspected, they are more than welcome to park in our Express, Remote and Infield lots.

Protecting our passengers, terminals and parking areas while maintaining traffic flows is core business for the DFW Airport DPS on a daily basis. Those basic issues coupled with increased security levels and mandated inspections will be a big challenge. But it's something our department will be prepared to do on very short notice.

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