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DFW International Airport Recruiting Police Officers And Firefighters

Career fair to recruit best for opportunities serving one of the nations largest and busiest airports

(DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – March 29, 2007) – State­of­the­art police and fire career opportunities are available at DFW International Airport where local and Federal law enforcement agencies work daily to ensure the safety of the traveling public. DFW Department of Public Safety (DPS) will hold a Career Fair Saturday, March 31 at the DFW Grand Hyatt from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for qualified individuals interested in joining the department.

“DFW’s police officers and firefighters work day and night across terminals, airfield, warehouse and business districts to ensure the public safety of an Airport larger than the island of Manhattan,” said Alvy Dodson, DFW’s vice president public safety. “With more than 330 public safety officers currently serving DFW, we have the expertise that can only come from working with international and local law enforcement agencies. Our men and women train with the best from around the world to ensure that they bring back the best possible crime fighting techniques.”  

Recognized as one of the top public safety departments in the nation, DPS offers state­ of­art training facilities for its employees as well as public safety personnel around the world. The Airport boasts a Fire Training Facility that attracts international customers and an indoor firearms training facility that attracts both local and Federal officers. 

“Police at DFW gain law enforcement experience to deal with special situations unique to the aviation environment,” said Steven Deel, DFW’s Police Chief. “Officers must work closely with the local, state and Federal agencies to provide the level of safety and security expected at an airport. Additionally, officers have the opportunity to work with law enforcement from other countries that share the same challenges of policing in an international law enforcement arena and to contribute to the public’s safety around the world. We really have something special here that can’t be duplicated.” 

New police officers and firefighters are trained in a variety of specialized skill areas. Police have the ability to grow into positions that range from the K­9 unit to accident reconstruction, while firefighters learn to fight structural as well as aircraft fires and can specialize their career in areas from hazardous materials to paramedics. 

“DFW firefighters respond to more than 5,500 emergencies every year,” said Alan Black, DFW’s Fire Chief. “Careers at the DFW Fire Service offer specialties that range from fighting aircraft fires to hazardous materials or even responding to medical emergencies. The Airport offers great career opportunities that can literally take you from firefighter to Fire Chief.” 

Police Specialties · Canine – narcotic and explosive detection teams · Bomb Squad · Motorcycle Patrol · Bicycle Patrol · SWAT · Detectives · Uniformed Patrol · Crime Scene · Accident Reconstruction · Drug Task Force 

Fire Specialties · Structural Fire · Aircraft Fire · Hazardous Materials Team · Special Operations Teams · Fire Inspector/Arson Investigator · Fire Training Instructor · Paramedic · Emergency Management

What is a "highly qualified" candidate? · 30 hours college or a combination of education and experience · Military Experience · Effective oral and written communication skills · Problem solver · Work well under stressful conditions · Physically fit · Clean background