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Holiday Relief At DFW Airport: New Terminal Link Service Solves Airport's #1 Passenger Question

Free Terminal-to-Terminal Shuttle Service Begins November 24

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (Nov. 20, 2003) — It's been the number one passenger question - and complaint - for some time: What happens if I park at one terminal and come back to another? The previous answers: ride the AirTran train, take a long walk, call somebody for a ride or simply be stuck. Those days are now over. Today, DFW announced it will begin its new free shuttle called Terminal Link on Monday, November 24. The 130-member Carter High School Cowboys Marching Band and Drill Team from Dallas led a procession of the new 15 green and blue vans today, heralding yet another customer service improvement at the world's third busiest airport.

"Terminal Link will benefit everyone trying to go home...or get home for the holidays," says Joe Lopano, executive vice president of marketing at DFW. "It's simple to use, requires no ticket, and connects all passengers to any of our terminals quickly and safely. We've worked hard to get the system in place by Thanksgiving for our guests as they race to their turkey dinners, family gatherings or the Dallas Cowboys' game next week."

The new service will be especially appreciated by DFW's Terminal parking customers, who can be displaced when returning to the Airport at a different terminal, luggage in tow. The new vans connects all terminals 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., with continued on-call service overnight. Vans will load curbside on the upper-level roadways outside of baggage claims in specially marked areas. Passengers will simply need to check the LED signs on the front and side of the vans to go directly to their desired terminal.

"This replaces our AirTran train system, which has lived a long and good life, but is now preparing for retirement," says Lopano. "No longer will our guests have to take an ambling, scenic train tour of DFW to get to another terminal. And when our new SkyLink people mover opens in 2005, the new system will be the best in the world."

DFW will continue operating AirTran during the transition to Terminal Link, and will close it down in the coming months. SkyLink will open in 2005 along with DFW's new International Terminal D. It will be the world's longest people mover system, with nearly five miles of dual guideway, or "track." It will also be home to the world's largest airport train fleet, beginning with 64 cars and expanding to 114 cars. It will unite DFW's existing Terminals A, B, C and E, the new International Terminal D and future Terminal F. SkyLink will serve passengers on the secure side of the Airport and Terminal Link will continue to serve guests on the public side.

During the holiday rush, DFW's Airport Ambassadors and Holiday Helpers will be assisting and directing travelers to Terminal Link locations. Special signs near the AirTran entrances will also provide information on where to catch the faster, free service. The Airport is distributing 300,000 fliers to drivers exiting DFW. And the Airport has established a web link -- www.dfwairport.com/terminallink -- as well as a customer service phone – 972 574 LINK - to familiarize holiday travelers with the new service.

Today's announcement with the Carter High School Band and Drill team culminated at a freshly minted Terminal Link stop in Terminal B. Pickup/drop-off areas are conveniently located outside the bag claim areas in each of DFW’s four terminals on the upper-level (arrivals level) by the roadway curb. There are two locations per terminal:

Terminal A Between A12 and A15 Between A22 and A24

Terminal B At B9 Between B23 and B25

Terminal C Between C10 and C12 At C31

Terminal E Between E6 and E7 At E31

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