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Largest International Airline Terminal Built Post 9/11 Dedicated To North Texas Community, Global Passengers

"Symphony of Flight" Celebration Includes Historic Classical Music Performance, Cirque Acts, Spirit of Perseverance and Accomplishment

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (June 13, 2005) – With the soundtrack of an historic musical journey, the setting of a world-class display of newly commissioned art and the drama of a high-flying cirque performance, DFW International Airport tonight dedicated its long-awaited International Terminal D. More than 1600 guests attended the “Symphony of Flight” black-tie gala celebrating aviation, architecture and the arts.

International Terminal D is the first new terminal built at DFW International Airport since it opened 31 years ago. The terminal will welcome all of DFW’s international visitors with soaring ceilings, wide-open spaces, and its $6 million art program comprised of a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures and floor medallions. The international terminal will be the largest, most secure airline terminal built since 9/11, and also features an integrated Grand Hyatt Hotel and 8,100-space parking garage. The terminal is scheduled to open for flights in July.

“This dedication event reminds us that International Terminal D itself is a magnificent achievement, in terms of architecture, engineering, design, construction and art,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport. “We owe a great debt of gratitude to the thousands who worked to make this building a reality, and worked through some very tough times to design and build this marvelous place. Tonight is a tribute to the spirit of perseverance and accomplishment that so many have contributed for more than five years.” 

The evening gala featured the first-ever joint performance by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, collaborating to perform works by legendary American composers George Gershwin and Aaron Copland and renowned Mexican composer José Pablo Moncayo García. The performance opened with “The Star Spangled Banner” and included “An American in Paris,” “Fanfare for the Common Man” and “Huapango.” DSO Music Director Andrew Litton and FWSO Music Director Miguel Harth-Bedoya shared the conductor’s baton duties during the historic performance.

“Tonight’s event is a wonderful example of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s commitment to creating dynamic partnerships and to ensuring that this great Metroplex is a magnet for great arts and culture,” said Fred Bronstein, president & CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. “Partnering with the Fort Worth Symphony for the first was a century in the making, but I can promise the next one won’t take 100 years! We’re grateful that DFW could help facilitate this historic event, and are honored to be a part of celebrating this landmark new terminal – something that will only continue to fuel the growing economic base of this burgeoning region.”

“I am delighted that our two wonderful orchestras are coming together for the first time to celebrate this special event,” said Katherine E. Akos, president and CEO of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. “It is very exciting to be a part of history in the making and especially appropriate that such an historic concert take place at DFW International Airport, which is so integral to our joint success. The airport not only brings our worldrenowned guest artists and musicians here, but also the tourism and business activity that help to keep our economies and cultural arts thriving.” 

The evening began with the dedication of International Terminal D through the unveiling of the terminal’s central entry hall floor, featuring a Ring of Honor with the names of mayors, board members, executive staff, builders and architects involved in the planning, design and implementation of the terminal.

"To open this great structure, we recognized just 38 individuals and companies in a Ring of Honor who were involved with the project, but they represent the more than 12,000 men and women who worked on International Terminal D," said Clay Paslay, executive vice president of development for DFW. "We could probably cover every square inch of this 2 million-square-foot building with the name of an individual who dedicated part of their lives to this project."

The terminal is dedicated to the citizens of North Texas and to international travelers who will soon use the new facility. 

“We honor our leaders and the thousands who have brilliantly guided us to this moment,” said Jeff Wentworth, chairman of the DFW Board of Directors as he led a champagne toast for the official dedication of International Terminal D. “May this terminal enjoy great success to benefit our communities for decades to come!”

The International Terminal D dedication celebration also debuted many of the artworks contained within the terminal, and the first public viewing of a newly-created sculpture garden featuring four works on loan from Dallas’ Nasher Sculpture Center and world renowned art collector Raymond Nasher, located under the canopy on the terminal’s arrivals level.

An amazing, high-flying cirque-style performance highlighted the evening, as guests looked up sixty feet in the air to see a virtuoso acrobat performing in a graceful aerial hoop maneuver. A gravity-defying trampoline performance featured multiple acrobats flying from trampoline to wall in amazing precision. Finally an intricate “German Wheel” act featuring an artist deftly and nonchalantly performing stunts while contained inside six rings joined into a sphere.

What They’re Saying About International Terminal D

“We are just weeks away from opening this magnificent building to millions of international passengers, and making our airport more attractive to new airlines, increased competition and more travel choices for our local passengers.” --Jeff Fegan, CEO, DFW International Airport

“This international terminal is a testament to the level of regional cooperation and extraordinary teamwork between the great cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. I believe we can hold this terminal up as an example of Texas beauty and ingenuity, and I think we can be proud and the world will be impressed.” --Mayor Mike Moncrief, City of Fort Worth

 “This new international terminal again focuses international attention on Dallas/ Fort Worth – and once international visitors see it, touch it, feel it -- they'll want to come back to Texas again and again and enjoy all our region has to offer.” --Mayor Laura Miller, City of Dallas

"We're proud of the role our airline and this airport play in the linking of our hometown to the world through this beautiful new terminal." --Gerard Arpey, Chairman and CEO, American Airlines

International Terminal D By The Numbers

2,000: Passengers that can be ticketed per hour at Terminal D 2,500: People that can be screened through security per hour 2,800: International passengers that can be processed through Customs per hour 37,000: Total passengers International Terminal D can handle per day 12.8 million: Total passengers International Terminal D can handle per year 30,000: Pieces of luggage that can be processed per day 4: Number of American Airlines Centers that can fit in Terminal D’s footprint 3: Number of Texas Stadiums that could fit in the footprint of Terminal D and its Parking Garage 21: Number of NCAA/NBA basketball courts that can fit inside Terminal D 37,000: Square footage of Terminal D’s stainless steel roof, one of the largest stainless steel surfaces in the world 1.84 billion: Pounds of concrete used in International Terminal D (enough to build a typical sidewalk from DFW to Montreal, a distance of 1,742-miles) $1.7 billion: Total cost of building Terminal D, Grand Hyatt and parking garage $30.5 million: Average monthly cash flow during construction $98 million: Amount spent during October 2002, the peak month for International Terminal D expenditures $47 million: Money spent on security upgrades post 9/11 10-million: Man-hours spent on construction of Terminal D complex 53: Number of Architectural/Engineering Firms on Project 120: Number of Construction Firms on Project 12,000: Number of people who worked on the project

About International Terminal D

International Terminal D is a two million-square foot facility designed to handle as many as 37,000 passengers daily or 12.8 million passengers annually. The new terminal is part of a $2.7 billion, five-year Capital Development Program at DFW International Airport. In addition the program includes an integrated 298-room Grand Hyatt Hotel and the world's largest airport train, Skylink, as well as runway expansion and infrastructure improvements. The expansion projects are expected to generate an estimated $34 billion impact on the North Texas economy and create 77,000 new jobs during the next 15 years.