11:36 AM

Media Statement From Kevin Cox, Chief Operating Officer, DFW International Airport

Re: Southwest Airlines "Educational" Web Site

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (May 5, 2005) Today, Southwest Airlines has the freedom to fly about the country from a vibrant, state-of-the-art facility: DFW International Airport. Unfortunately, they choose not to exercise this right. 

Southwest Airlines is a great company, and has great employees and devoted customers. It should have a great international airport, like DFW, to meet their travel needs

The Love Field amendment was agreed to by Southwest Airlines and has helped it attain a 97 percent monopoly at Love Field. Instead of focusing all their employees' time and energy on lobbying Congress to repeal legislation that helped create billions of dollars of revenue and 265,000 jobs for the North Texas region, Southwest should compete with the rest of the domestic air carriers at DFW. 

Currently we have 21 empty gates, a free rent for a year offer, and $22 million in incentives for Southwest to begin some service at DFW. It's a great deal, and still open. Southwest can have the best of both worlds at Love Field and DFW, and unite and benefit North Texas. 

 Why Southwest, won't you do what is best for your hometown and your community? 

Tell North Texas travelers the truth about why you won't fly from DFW. It's the right thing to do. 

For factual, unbiased information about North Texas travel issues and the Love Field Amendment, log on to www.keepdfwstrong.com