09:55 AM

Severe Weather Media Statement from DFW International Airport - May 24, 2011, 9:30 PM

DFW International Airport experienced a severe thunderstorm tonight including reports of golf ball-sized hail at the Airport, causing flight delays and cancellations starting at about 8:00 PM.

Currently, DFW Airport’s Concession Plan is activated with restaurants staying open all night to accommodate passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled due to the severe storm.

At this hour, DFW Airport staff is inspecting the runways and taxiways for damage and debris clearance.  There are no reports of any damage to DFW buildings and facilities. 

Airlines at DFW are also conducting inspections of all of the aircraft that were on the ground during the storm, and those inspections could last through the remainder of the evening.

No aircraft were on the runways when the storm passed.  Several aircraft were returned to the terminals and deplaned prior to the storm's arrival, and DFW Customer Service teams helped move passengers away from terminal windows and into shelter areas such as stairwells and restrooms and interior offices.

There are reports that hail damaged anywhere from 50 to 100 taxicabs that were at the DFW Taxi Queue on the south end of the airport, but no reports of any injuries.

 DFW Airport is posting local hotel information for passengers in the terminals, and taxicabs are now operating normally to and from the terminals.