09:55 AM

Severe Weather Media Statement from DFW International Airport - May 25, 2011, 11:00 AM

DFW Airport operations are returning to normal today after a bout of severe weather last night.

Airport-wide, airlines are reporting about 140 departure cancellations today, mainly due to after-effects of the hailstorm.

The storm did not appear to cause any damage to DFW terminals or facilities, but the Airport is getting reports of hail damage to taxicabs and cars parked on the south end of the airport.

Airlines overnight and today are conducting inspections of aircraft, looking for possible hail damage. Depending on the results, that may have a further impact on flight schedules.

On Tuesday night, DFW experienced a severe thunderstorm and hailstorm that resulted in flight diversions and about 200 flight cancellations, including most of the schedule after 8:00 PM.

The approaching storms prompted DFW Customer Service personnel to shelter passengers just before 8:00 PM. Using Terminal announcements and television interruptions, DFW personnel ushered passengers into shelter areas and away from windows as a precaution as the storm passed. Several aircraft were also brought in from the airfield and deplaned prior to the storm’s arrival.

About 10,000 passengers remained in DFW terminals overnight. For those here overnight, DFW and the airlines provided cots and blankets, toiletry kits and other supplies; concessionaires remained open through the night along with several TSA checkpoints. DFW also assisted passengers with ground transportation needs and hotel contact information.

DFW Public Affairs will release further updates as warranted.