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With Refunds of Texas Sales Tax Now Available at DFW International Airport, There's Never Been a Better Time to Shop in Texas

New refund program simplifies tax refunds for international visitors

(DFW AIRPORT, Texas – July 21, 2011) International visitors who shop in Texas are now able to collect sales tax refunds in cash at DFW International Airport, prior to returning home. TaxFree Shopping, Ltd. has launched a new “Instant Cash” program which provides travelers with immediate cash refunds for state sales taxes. Refunds can be obtained at the TaxFree Shopping kiosk location in the North Ticketing Hall inside DFW’s International Terminal D. DFW is one of the first major international gateways in the United States to provide this type of “instant cash” refund service.
“This one-stop refund program represents a real step forward for international shoppers, and it will make Texas even more attractive for visitors,” said Ben Petty, Managing Partner of TaxFree Shopping, Ltd. “No longer do customers have to go to several locations with their receipts and then wait for weeks to get their tax refunds. They can get a refund right on the spot.”
The tax refunds are available for international visitors who have purchased new, tangible (non-consumable) items within the past 30 days. The refund program includes purchases from over 4,500 stores that partner with TaxFree Shopping, including major retailers such as Target and Macy’s. Customers can also choose to take their refunds via check or via PayPal electronic transfer. More information about the program and partner stores is available atwww.taxfreetexas.com.
“Offering an immediate cash refund for sales taxes is a tremendous convenience for world travelers who fly through DFW,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW Airport. “This really takes the hassle out of getting your sales tax refund, and DFW is always looking to bring in new concepts that make traveling easier for the customer.”
DFW, which hosts over five million international travelers every year, is one of the very few international gateway airports in the United States to provide this type of immediate refund service.
“Our studies show that for every dollar the state refunds, Texas retailers generate another $11.64 in sales, along with additional sales in other areas such as restaurants and hotels,” said Petty.
TaxFree Shopping, the largest authorized customs broker in the state of Texas, also offers instant cash refunds at 13 other refund center locations across Texas.